Turkish cuisine with traditional home-cooking * Cozy fireplaces * Tracking * Jogging * Canoeing * Boat rentals * Fishing * Horse-back riding * Arranged tours * Spectacular views * Private beach * Close to ancient cities and temples * Discover unique flora & fauna


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Our TERRACE HOTEL  is situated 7 kms east of the famous antique city of ASSOS (nowadays the tiny rock village of Behramkale), at the beach below the Assos - Küçükkuyu road, near Kadirga Bay on the Aegean coast.
expbul2a.gif (128 Byte) 83 kms from Çanakkale 395 kms from Istanbul
  255 kms from Izmirexpbul2a.gif (128 Byte) For 3000 years renowned for its high      rate of oxygen
expbul2a.gif (128 Byte) A quiet place in an unspoiled nature
expbul2a.gif (128 Byte) Indoors and outdoors restaurants
with panoramic views of the Aegean and its shores and to the Greek island of Lesbos
expbul2a.gif (128 Byte) All rooms with panoramic views of seaside balconies
expbul2a.gif (128 Byte) Private beaches with crystal waters
expbul2a.gif (128 Byte) Activities: horse and donkey-riding, fishing with local fishermen, walks and tours to the interesting sites of our region
expbul2a.gif (128 Byte) Our countryside and the  mountains are perfect for tracking and walking


We have 19 rooms (single,double,triple), 1 barrier-free room , 4 Suites rooms each and with balconies overlooking the sea.

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